Wisdom Teeth Removal

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth is the popularised term for a person’s third molars, which are located at the back of the mouth and are the very last teeth to come through, usually sprouting between the ages of 17 and 25, if at all.

Why are they extracted?

Generally, your wisdom teeth will be extracted if your mouth can not accommodate them. If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth, they may come through at an angle, or alter the positioning of the existing teeth. This impact may lead to gum disease, infection, tooth decay and/or jaw cysts. If infection results, the lymph nodes under the jaw may become swollen and sore. To avoid such problems, the wisdom teeth are extracted.

Less common reasons for taking out wisdom teeth include:

  1. The possibility of orthodontic relapse.
  2. For prevention, before beginning a course of osteoporosis medication (which can cause complications at a later date).

How do dentists determine if an extraction is needed?

Through your frequent dental check-ups and hygiene appointments, your dentist will observe and monitor the growth of your wisdom teeth, usually through x-rays. If there is enough room and no pain, your dentist will recommend you keep your wisdom teeth untouched. If there is considerable pain, it may mean your wisdom teeth are in fact affected beneath the gums. AN x-ray will determine the extent of the impact of your wisdom teeth development. Sometimes, a small cut into the gums is all that’s needed to help the wisdom teeth come through.

Occasionally a tooth may partly appear through the gum and may cause pain and swelling. This is referred to as pericoronitis and can be fixed by using a correct brushing technique, a mouthwash or antibiotic if there area signs of infection. If infection is frequent it may be advised that the tooth is removed.

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