Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguards

A custom-fit mouthguard prevents the severity of sports-related injuries. There are predominantly two types of mouthguards available in Australia which range from the over-the-counter varieties to the more protective custom-fit mouthguards that are professionally fit. As custom-fit mouthguards provide superior protection compared to the cheap over the counter mouthguards, the Australian Dental Association highly recommends investing in a custom-fit mouthguard. Custom fit mouthguards will allow you to speak clearly, won’t restrict your breathing and will not fall out. Everyone who participates in contact sports should wear a mouthguard to avoid dental trauma. Prevention is better than cure.

Protection against Injuries

A custom-fit mouthguard, professionally made by your dentist provides superior support against the physically, aesthetically and financially damaging injuries that may result from sports related injuries or blows to the head.

How long will my mouthguard last?

Your custom-fit mouthguard will usually last between 3-5 years, but will depend on how frequently you use it and how well you care for it and It is best to bring your bespoke mouthguard along to your general dental check-ups so your dentist can assess its condition. You will need a new mouthguard if your adult or wisdom teeth come through or they have been altered through cosmetic or orthodontic work.


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